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Speeding can lead to motor vehicle accidents and death

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Safety issues become a significant concern when individuals drive faster than the speed limit in Louisiana. Speeding can lead to motor vehicle accidents, injuries and death, especially when roadway surfaces have deteriorated. One of the reasons why an individual may be cited for speeding is when they’re driving too fast for road conditions. Unfortunately, some of these drivers aren’t slowed down by the police before a fatal accident occurs. Fortunately, some efforts are being made to increase safety.

Increasing fatalities on US roads

In 2021, 43,000 individuals were killed on US roads, which is the highest number in 16 years. 2021 statistics indicate people have been getting out more as Americans drove around 325 billion more miles than in 2020, increasing by over 11 percent. Unfortunately, some of them are using risky driving behaviors, such as speeding. Before 2020, the number of fatalities in automobile accidents on US roads had fallen between 2017 through 2019. With the increase in deaths, some people recognize the devastating effects and have pushed for states to lower speed limits.

Safer road designs

Besides the push to lower speed limits, safer road designs are also being suggested. Changes include creating dedicated bus and bike lanes, better crosswalks and lighting. Speed cameras may also be used to help enforce traffic laws. Hopefully, some of these changes will help pedestrians and cyclists from being involved in car accidents with reckless drivers. Individuals utilizing a crosswalk are unprotected, making them highly vulnerable to getting hurt or worse if they get hit by a negligent driver.

Why people tend to speed

Individuals who are driving under the influence of alcohol can coincide with speeding. Being impaired is likely to hinder their ability to operate a motor vehicle correctly and follow the law. Speeding may also be done due to time constraints. If individuals are running late for school, work or their next meeting, they may ignore the law or road conditions. Unfortunately, this mindset can quickly cause a devastating auto accident that leads to personal injuries or death.

In the future, new technology, safer road designs and lower speed limits may help decrease automobile accidents.