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Pursuing Fair Property Damage Claims

Insurance companies are required to compensate you for property lost within 30 days after an accident. However, that claim must be documented properly. I can help you with that free of charge, as I have for hundreds in clients in Louisiana.

Auto accidents create more consequences than just medical injuries; they can also deal with substantial property damage to a car, home, or another valuable asset in an accident. While the cost of your property damage may be high, earning the compensation you need to cover the costs may not be easy.

At Larry N. Guy, Injury Attorney, I offer the community surrounding my Baton Rouge office free representation in their property damage claim. I offer this service free of charge as a courtesy to ensure my clients do not miss out on any of the compensation they deserve in their accident claims.

How I Can Help Your Property Damage Claim

Insurance companies typically hand out a settlement check within 30 days of the accident, but that does not mean that check is a fair value for your damages. I know that insurance companies will try and trick accident victims into receiving a single check that is for both their injury costs and property damage, when they deserve more for both.

I go after the checks my clients deserve by pairing my extensive legal experience with my strong dedication to my clients. I have helped hundreds of clients with their property damage claims without charging them a cent for my work in the claim. My experience in real estate law also helps me identify the duties of an insurance agent to improve the outcome of my clients’ claims.

My Experience Is Your Advantage

You deserve to have your Louisiana lawyer help you pursue the best possible outcome in your compensation claims. If you suffered a car accident, you likely also suffered property damage in addition to your injury costs. I can help you get the compensation you deserve for both; just call me at 225-291-0111 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.