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Skilled Representation After A Car Accident

Neck and back injuries are nothing to play around with. A simple injury can lead to permanent disability if left untreated. I want to make sure you are not undercompensated.

When a reckless or negligent driver causes you to suffer serious injuries, getting your story out is critical in earning the compensation you deserve. By explaining how the at-fault party caused your accident and what the extent of your injuries are, you are more likely to get a settlement offer that accurately reflects the cost of your injuries.

At Larry N. Guy, Injury Attorney, I have helped my clients pursue the best possible outcome for their legal needs for more than 23 years. I do everything in my power to minimize the complications in a personal injury claim, and provide them with the fair and full compensation they deserve as soon as possible.

Representation You Deserve

After an accident, medical expenses and other monthly bills keep coming, even if you are not working, which is why you need your settlement as soon as possible. I waste no time in developing a custom-tailored strategy to help you earn the compensation you deserve in accidents like:

I know what fair compensation should look like for my clients, and I negotiate fiercely to see it includes all the costs of your injury, such as lost income, current and future medical expenses, and property damage.

When I represent my clients, I make it a point to keep them informed about every step of their claim and answer any questions they may have. My goal as your personal injury attorney is to help you seek justice for your injuries and hold those responsible accountable by securing the settlement you deserve.

Let Me Fight For You

If you recently suffered a serious injury in a car accident, contact a Louisiana attorney you can trust to stand by your side through every step of your personal injury claim. Contact my Baton Rouge office for your free initial consultation by calling 225-291-0111 or emailing me here. The sooner you reach out to me, the sooner I can help you get the compensation you deserve.